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John Mark’s Journal

*Scroll to bottom for most recent update.* February 16, 2023– First Chemotherapy Treatment Woke up early this morning after enjoying a bottle of wine with Merideth last night. Probably to ease our nerves for what was to come. Upon arriving at the Spencer Cancer Center, my suspicions were confirmed that Merideth had arranged another surprise for me. (She is always doing that!) There were thirty … Continue reading John Mark’s Journal

Cancer Sucks

John Mark was diagnosed with Stage IV NLPHL (Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) in January 2023. After experiencing a strange pain in his lower left back in late October 2022, the doctor began testing for suspected kidney stones. After months of tests and biopsies, cancer entered the conversation due to several highly enlarged lymph nodes in the abdomen, particularly around the spine. We have found … Continue reading Cancer Sucks

Brunswick Stew

This recipe is my favorite Brunswick Stew ever! It is my momma’s Brunswick Stew recipe. Hands down one of her best dishes. She adapted this recipe from a recipe she got from a BBQ restaurant in Valdosta, Georgia, called Road House BBQ, when she was living there in 1973. My version is slightly different, and yours can be too! This stew is perfect for feeding … Continue reading Brunswick Stew

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Private Wine Dinners

We had the pleasure of pairing wine for an in-home wine dinner at the home of Tricia Young, co-founder, sales and marketing manager, and an experienced realtor of Three Sixty Real Estate in Auburn/Opelika & Lake Martin. The dinner was organized to honor their recent top producers. There were 18 attendees, including the hosts. Tricia coordinated the chef for this event, Chef Miguel Figueroa, a … Continue reading Private Wine Dinners

It’s Nice to See you Birmingham

A few months back we had an amazing weekend getaway in Birmingham, Alabama. Easily lured by some longtime friends to attend a Martin Sexton concert on Saturday evening, we decided to head up on Friday night and make a weekend out of it. During the day on Friday, I got a notification that one of our friends was attending a show at Iron City in … Continue reading It’s Nice to See you Birmingham