Here are some of our most frequently asked questions with answers:

Q: How many bottles are in a case of wine?

A: Typically, there are 12 bottles in a case of wine. There are some cases that can be 6 or 3 bottles per case, but that would be specified.

Q: Why 12 Bottles? Why not a 6 pack?

A: It is more affordable to the customer to buy a minimum of 12 bottles at a time per order. You get “more bang for your bucks” at this purchase point.

Q: How many cans of beer are in a case of beer?

A: 24 cans

Q: What is the price range of a custom case of wine?

A: We work with all budgets. There are twelve bottles per case of wine. An average budget would be around $200 for the case, which is an average of $10-20 per bottle. From time to time there are pricing deals on certain selections and we are able to get the pricing lower.

Q: How do I order a custom case of wine?

A: Use the following link to submit an order request. https://thediningwinos.com/contact/

John Mark will call you during the week (Monday-Friday) to discuss your wine likes and dislikes and also discuss the budget you want to work with. After this brief conversation, John Mark will put something together special for you and will call you back to finalize pick up location, pick up date, and price. You will pay for your case when you go to pick it up. Delivery is not available due to Alabama law.

Q: What’s the deal with your monthly mixed cases?

A: Each month, John Mark, curates up to 3 mixed cases. Selections are chosen based on certain regions, the seasons, and other wines The Dining Winos enjoy drinking. We also have some collaborations coming up with local restaurants and foodies on future case selections. There are limited quantities and there will be limited to no repeats of wines, so if you see something you want, jump on it!

Q: Where can I find a list of all the wines and beers you carry?

A: The list is ever changing. Please use the contact us form to request a current list. https://thediningwinos.com/contact/

Q: What are in-home wine tastings?

A: For an in-home wine tasting, we would put together a selection of wines based on your desires. Typically, we recommend tasting at least four wines. The possibilities are limitless. We could also pair wine with dinners you are hosting; per course i.e. We can also coordinate bringing in local chefs to make the dinner even more memorable. Finally, we have florists, musicians, and many other event-related connections.

Please email us anytime with any other questions or suggestions. Our email is thediningwinos@gmail.com

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