“Hardy Gilbert’s Grapes”

We are excited to announce this month’s collaboration, Hardy Gilbert, proprietor of Avondale Bar & Taproom in the beautiful downtown Auburn! Hardy has been a staple in the Auburn restaurant scene for many years and opened Avondale in 2013. We love going to Avondale for a nice cocktail or glass of wine and enjoy the downtown Auburn ambiance.

His better half, Jill Gilbert, is also an Auburn restaurant scene staple. Many of you might remember her from many years of working at Mellow Mushroom. We love Hardy and Jill! They are always down for good food and wine!

Photo by Sarah Beth Wheeler

“Hardy Gilbert’s Grapes” is the true embodiment of what Hardy loves when it comes to wine: a Spanish Cava, a Portuguese Alvarinho and a natural wine of the Baga grape variety, and rounding things out with a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. We would certainly describes his tastes in wines a tad on the bolder side.

The price point on this case is also very approachable! Each case (12 bottles; 3 of each selection) is $175 + tax.

**If you want to just order 1 bottle of each selection (4 total) cost would be $65 + tax. Please indicate in your request if want to go with this option. **

Auburn: Orders for this box are due by NOON, June 29 , with pickup the following day, June 30th at Charred Oak Premium Spirits.

Dothan: Orders for this box are due by NOON, June 29th, with pickup the following day, June 30th at KBC.

Enterprise: Orders for this box are due by NOON, June 29th, with pickup the following day, June 30th at Corks and Cattle.

Lake Martin: Orders for this box are due by NOON, June 23rd, with pickup the following day, June 24th at Grain & Leaf.

Photo by Miranda Beason Photography

3 Bottles of Casteller Cava Brut NV

Meant to evoke all things Catalan, Casteller Cava is a bright, zesty expression of the traditional sparkling wine of Penedès. “Casteller,” or “Tower,” refers to the tradition of different clans and villages competing during holiday festivals to see who can build the tallest human tower. References to their presence in popular celebrations, especially in the area of Camp de Tarragona, first started to appear during the eighteenth century.  In 2006, the Casteller tradition was named by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, owing to its widespread practice in Catalonia over the course of many centuries. This lovely bubbly honors the tradition and conviviality of these festivals and the long tradition of sparkling winemaking in Catalonia. Winemaker Maria Galup has crafted a dry, beautiful textured Cava lent by 12 months on the lees. Casteller is a perfect aperitif for celebrations of all sorts.

3 Bottles of 2019 Nortico Alvarinho


Ask anyone for the best Alvarinho in Portugal and people will point to the northwestern villages of Moncao and Melgaco, just on the border with Spain. Nortico Alvarinho is a superb example of the grape’s hallmark traits: fresh citrus, peach and tropical aromas paired with clean, juicy fruit and vibrant minerality. Here, on the south bank of the Minho River, farming is as it was centuries ago, with the grapes planted on granite pergolas in plots so small they are called “jardins”–or “gardens” in Portuguese. This humble yet serious wine showcases the best of northern Portugal’s commitment to artisan production in all things. In the words of Rui Abecassis, founder of Obrigado, “Nortico Alvarinho is one of those projects that has been in the making for quite some time. It started in my family’s small tile atelier, where I learned to love tiles. The traditional ceramic tile atelier was more a labor of passion and tenacity than business … [and] to this day, tiles are produced exactly like in the 18th century, each shaped from scratch and painted by hand. Walking the streets of Oporto or Lisboa you may encounter tiles on both modest and important buildings. Tiles are a durable building material, and an early form of storytelling and graphic design. We wanted the Nortico label to evoke those tiles to capture that spirit and Portuguese aesthetics.”

3 Bottles of 2019 Nieport Nat Cool Drink Me Tinto

Nat Cool is naturally “cool and funky”. It represents an innovative concept initiated by famed Port producer Dirk Niepoort, in which various producers came together to create light and easy-to-drink wines. In the Bairrada region they have produced the DrinkMe, the first Nat Cool, where they showcase a different and elegant side of the Baga grape variety. An incredibly light and accessible wine which just begs to be enjoyed. Very light in colour, the 2019 vintage of this wine offers a frank and expressive aromatic profile full of freshness and floral notes. It showcases the character of the Baga grape variety and Bairrada region superbly, with beautiful aromas of strawberries, dried roses and some spice. The wine’s minerality is reminiscent of the vines’ calcareous soils and unmistakeable Atlantic climate. Fresh, direct and very seductive, this wine is light on its feet and so easy to drink, it will entice you to have another glass. It makes a very versatile food wine – just add a good meal and good friends! Serve chilled. Also to point out, this is a 1 Liter bottle!!!

3 Bottles of 2019 Roto Cabernet Sauvignon

Winemaker David Marcel arrived to Chile fresh off the boat from France as a twenty-two year old winemaker hungry for new terroir. After graduating with a wine degree from Montplelier, David worked for large wineries producing significant quantities of wine while simultaneously falling in love with his Chileño bride. David eventually decided to make his home in Chile, and two decades later, began producing wines primarily composed of Pais and Carignan from some of Chile’s most prized heritage old vines. David is a force and one of the most generous humans we have ever encountered. He is a tireless advocate for the artisan winemakers of Chile and continues to lead a path for his contemporaries, typically putting himself after others. David’s wines are typically understated, extremely drinkable wines of great value. This wine is made with 87% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah, and 3% Alicante Bouchet. Lots of red fruit and lighter than a California Cabernet.

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