“Perfectly Pinot” Box

Below are the details of what will be contained in the “Perfectly Pinot” box.

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3 Bottles of 2018 Justin Girardin Bourgogne Rouge

This family has been present in Burgundy since 1570. Justin represents the 13th generation. He has an inexhaustible energy, and he shows boldness and determination. His experiences outside Burgundy and abroad bring a modern touch and creativity in his wine making. 

This is a delightful Pinot Noir that punches well above its weight. It has a classic Burgundian earthiness and lots of pure berry fruit, with a long finish.

3 Bottles of 2018 Lucky Rock Pinot Noir

Brothers Aaron and Jesse Inman grew up a little differently than your average kids in America; no Father Knows Best household. They were raised “on the river” in Northern California by gold-mining parents while living in a bus that hopped from mining claim to mining claim. Both Aaron and Jesse got their chops by serving wine – working in tasting rooms, tending bar, and being face to face with people enjoying wine rather than just tasting and evaluating it. Both ended up working for their uncle at August Briggs Winery in Napa Valley, learning the ropes of the industry. Each ultimately took their own path: Jesse into winemaking, and Aaron into winery business development. 

This Pinot is a blend of grapes from Monterey, San Benito, and Sonoma. It has a very pleasing aroma of black cherry, cranberry and a little strawberry plus cola and touches of cinnamon, mint and other spice. The medium bodied wine tastes great with a smooth mouthfeel and lots of really well integrated and long lasting spice to go along with the red cherry, black cherry and other red berry fruits. A great earthy undertone comes out on the mid-palate and leads into the long, dry, lingering finish of tart cherry fruit.

3 Bottles of 2018 Folly of The Beast Pinot Noir

 Folly of the Beast is the result of a winemaker’s ultimate quest: to make excellent Pinot Noir with a price tag that doesn’t make you want to weep. See, Pinot Noir is the white whale of the wine world. Appropriately nicknamed the “heartbreaker grape,” it’s generally costly because of how difficult it is to grow, and it takes skill and tenacity to produce a bottle worth drinking.

Folly of the Beast is named after the great Moby Dick quote “For there is no folly of the beast of the earth that is not infinitely outdone by the madness of men.” 

Winemaker Ryan Zotovich has worked with wineries like Palmina, Brewer-Clifton, and Seasmoke. 

This Central Coast Pinot begins with a pleasing, classic Pinot aroma of cranberry, black cherry, spice and a little wet earth. Tasting the wine reveals it be smooth, medium-bodied and full of cola, black cherry, strawberry and mint flavors. There’s quite a bit of oak influence in this one and it works very well. Sweet spice notes lead into the very long, dry finish.

3 Bottles of 2018 Noah River Pinot Noir

Jamey Whetstone is the winemaker for the Noah River wines. Jamey moved to Napa from Charleston in 1996. In 1998 he went to work for Turley and spent some time abroad working at Domaine Dujac. In 2002 he founded he founded Whetstone Wine Cellars. 

This pinot is ruby in color and has a big, floral nose of dark cherry, fig, and Asian spice. It shows secondary notes of blackberry, mint, orange pekoe tea and pencil shavings. On the palate it has medium-bodied flavors of dark cherry cola, red raspberry and tea. It finishes with wonderful flavors of red plums and baker’s chocolate.

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